Living In Pays De Faverges: The Best Recreation And Entertainment Options

Having read about this beautiful location, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of you are tempted to pick up your family and move here.

All the communities that make up this region are excellent places to raise children. Each family needs great places to relax and have fun.

In this article, we will introduce some of the best recreational amenities and entertainment facilities that are available to you if you choose to become a resident in Pays de Faverges.

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

For those who prefer to relax in the great outdoors and keep an active lifestyle, there are plenty of opportunities. Water activities can be enjoyed at the Lake d’Annecy and the Lake de Saint Ferrol. If you are passionate about nature, then you will surely enjoy the great nature reserves that you can find here, such as the Bout-du-Lac Marshes, the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges and the Marshes of Giez. Don’t forgot the wonderful trails that lead to the Cave and the Waterfall of Seythenex, which are two stunning landmarks of the region of Pays de Faverges.

You may be passionate about hiking and climbing. If so, our recommendation is to spend your weekends hiking up some of the highest peaks in the regions, such as Semnoz Peak (1,699 meters) or Arcalod Peak (2,217 meters). During the winter season, ski resorts like Val de Tamié and Montmin are an excellent choice for those who love winter sports. Another outdoor recreational opportunity that might appeal to you is the Golf Course of Giez, a wonderful place to enjoy golfing in the company of your friends.

Indoor Attractions

Sometimes you may want to simply relax in the safe confines of your community rather than braving the elements out walking in nature. We want to offer you an alternative to outdoor entertainment opportunities, so here is a list of the indoor attractions available in the Pays de Faverges region.

Despite the fact that most of the communities that are part of the Pays de Faverges are small, all of them provide a wide range of cultural attractions. The religious heritage of the region includes the Chapel of Combes and the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Saint Ferrol, the neo-classical Sardinian Church in Giez, the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité in the village of Verthier, in the proximity of Doussard, the Saint-Maurice Church from the 19th century in Doussard, the Church of Marlens and the Church of Cons-Sainte-Colombe in Val de Chaise and the Church of Saint Martin in Chevaline. The architectural heritage includes the Castle of Gye in Giez, the Maison forte Blain in Doussard, the Castle of Lathuile and the Reveu Castle in Lathuile.

These are some of your best options to have a truly magical time in the Pays de Faverges region. As you can see from this post, both indoor and outdoor recreational amenities are available in Pays de Faverges. As a resident here, you will never get bored, we can assure you of that!