6 Fascinating Areas In Pays De Faverges That Attract Tourists

When you choose your holiday destination, you are looking around for those compelling reasons to visit certain places. If you love nature, silence, fresh air, waterfalls and scenic mountain views, then the Pays de Faverges region will be the perfect place to spend your vacation.

You can visit this region alone, with your partner or together with your family.

In the following sections of this post, we will present to you our top six choices of the fascinating and beautiful areas that attract tourists in Pays de Faverges.

1. The Regional Natural Park Of The Bauges

Almost all of the communities that are located within the Pays de Faverges region are part of the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges. This natural reserve is focused to protect a wide range of fauna and flora, but also large areas of limestone, alpine pastures and forests. It has a surface that exceeds 81,000 hectares. Besides the natural elements that are protected, there are also human elements such as castles, pastoral huts and homes that are fit beautifully with the landscape and provide a wonderful view.

2. The Summit Arcalod

From the Arcalod Summit (2,217 meters) you can enjoy a breathtaking scenic view over the entire valley where the communes of the Pays de Faverges are situated.

In order to reach the summit, you must hike for about 24 hours and the difficulty of the trail is medium.

The best period to hike up to this peak starts in May and ends in October.

3. Cave And Waterfall Of Seythenex

Two of the most attractive sites in the region of Pays de Faverges include the Cave of Seythenex and the Waterfall of Seythenex. These two wonderful natural attractions are located very close to the seat of the region, accessible through drivable trails. A tour guide is available for those who intend to discover the beauties hidden in the spectacular caves. On the other hand, the Waterfall of Seythenex is stunning due to the sheer amount of water, especially during the spring season.

4. Museum Of Archaeology Of Viuz-Faverges

Each region has a history and as tourist you may want to discover more about the history of your holiday destination. If you choose to visit the Pays de Faverges region, then you should plan a visit to the Museum of Archaeology of Viuz-Faverges. It houses a lot of rich history that will teach you about the region’s evolution during the time that communities were being established. The archaeological artifacts piece together the legacy of the region and show how people used to live in this mountain valley in years gone by.

5. Summit Pointe De La Sambuy

When you speak about mountains, hiking to the highest peaks and summits is something usual. As we have mentioned before, the Pays de Faverges region is surrounded by wonderful mountain ranges and one of the highest peaks is Pointe de la Sambuy (2,198 meters). This peak is part of the Bauges Massif. The easiest way to reach the summit is to take the chair lift up to Col de la Sambuy and then follow the marked trail up to the summit. The difficulty of the trail up to Pointe de la Sambuy Summit is average. The level difference between the start point and the highest altitude is 1,200 meters. Before you arrive to the summit, you may rest for a short break at the Chalet de la Bouchasse, which is situated at the 1,760-meter point.

6. The Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is a glacier lake, being the third-largest lake in France in terms of surface. It attracts tourists all over the world due to its picturesque location and the wide range of outdoor activities that can be practiced here. Within the proximity of the lake you will find many trails where you can enjoy activities such as hiking, climbing or trekking.

You can also enjoy a wide range of nautical sports, such as rafting or stand-up paddling.

These are six truly fascinating areas that attract the largest number of tourists in Pays de Faverges. We hope that you will be tempted to visit them in your upcoming vacation. We are sure that you will have some wonderful experiences and memories that you can cherish forever.