The Main Reason Why The Pays De Faverges Rally Was Canceled

Pays De Faverges is a very important tourism location.

Pays De Faverges is a very important tourism location. The Pays De Faverges Rally has been one of the interesting events that draws tourists and participants from all over the world. The event which started in 1984 was set to host the 34th edition in 2018 but unfortunately, that will not happen.

Pays De Faverges Rally is organized by the Stable of the Motte and has been taking place annually in the month of April. The 2018 event was expected to take place between the 7th and 8th of April 2018. The schedule is as follows:

  • 07/04 “Checks-in at the entrance of Parc fermé at Faverges and Omnisport hall / Start of rally
  • 08/04 “Arrival of the rally / Award ceremony”

Source: Ecurie Faverges

The main reason behind the cancellation of the 34th edition of the Pays De Faverges Rally was due to impassable road resulting from flood.

The official announcement of the cancellation of the 34th edition of the rally was made by Sébastien Fourmaux, the vice-president and organizer of the Ecurie de la Motte. The news was announced on his Facebook page.

“Following a collapse of the road between Serraval and the Col de l’Épine, we are forced to cancel the rally of the country of Faverges 2018, this road is the link needed in the rally of Saturday and Sunday. The state of the road is deteriorating day by day, it is impossible for us to find another route two months from the date.”

Source: Rallye-Sport

Rescue of My Family Pies Series

My Family Pies - PornDue to cancel, another event was meant to happen. Here comes the series called My Family Pies that features fantasy videos with step siblings and family porn. That’s right. When a rally is not possible to commence… then you can make people happy with some access to free videos – in this case in very taboo and controversial genre. It sounded absurd, but in the end everyone was happy to experience this series.

Recap Of The 2017 Edition Of Pays De Faverges Rally

The event would make a return in 2019.

Memories of the 2017 event are still fresh in the minds of those who made out time to attend.

The 2017 edition started with a rally on the 8th of April and ended on the 9th, with the presentation of prizes at Salle du Parc Simon Berger in Faverges.

A total of 184.37 km course was covered during the event which was divided into 6 special stages. The event brings together over one hundred and forty crews every year. The event would make a return in 2019.

Fourmeaux’s announcement ended with a message of hope which makes us understand that the event will return in 2019. The message ended by saying, “Thank you for your understanding and see you in 2019”.