Making A New Life In Pays De Faverges, Is It Possible?

Life often takes us on roads that we never imagined, and we may find ourselves in a new place for the first time. But we might just fall in love with it, enough to think about starting a new life there.

Pays De Faverges is just such a place.

With its Alpine landscape, serene environs and thriving community, Pays De Faverges is one of the best places to move in for your new life.

But as we all know, starting over is easier said than done, and there are a lot of factors to consider. So, in this article we are going to explore whether it is really possible to start a new life in Pays de Faverges.

Successful Economy

One of the most important considerations one must make while starting over in a new place is whether the economic landscape of the region is conducive to your needs. With the robust economy of Pays De Faverges you need not worry about your livelihood. With important companies such as Stäubli and S.T. Dupont, the region has a stable industrial backbone. A part of the economy is supplemented by agricultural activities, while tourism is the major contributor to the economy of the region. Also, as it is located very close to big cities such as Annecy and Geneva, there are a lot of employment opportunities in and around Pays De Faverges.

Beautiful Entertainment Options

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Awe-Inspiring Location

One of the major attractions of starting a new life here is the breathtaking beauty of the region which you can soak in every moment of your stay. Surrounded by Alpine ranges, with a unique variety of natural elements such as the Cave and Waterfall of Seythenex and Lake Annency, living here will take you to the heart of nature, all the while remaining connected to the modern world.

Neighborly Communities

Starting out in Pays De Faverges means you can choose to live in any of the great communes that form the region. Whether you settle down in Montmin, Doussard or Faverges-Seythenex, you will be welcomed by the residents, and will soon feel that you have been living here forever.

These are just some of the reasons why it is not only possible, but very easy to start a new life here. With its many amenities, opportunities and natural beauty, Pays De Faverges is the perfect place to start a new chapter of your life.

Pays De Faverges: Interesting Places To Explore

We are pleased to introduce you to the invigorating atmosphere of Pays de Faverges, France. Pays de Faverges is a wonderful natural region that hosts a small community.

Pays de Faverges is located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, in the eastern part of France, situated along a glacial valley. Due to its location, Pays de Faverges provides a picturesque landscape, being surrounded by stunning mountain ranges.

In the following sections, you will discover the most interesting places to explore in Pays de Faverges.

The Wonderful Landscape Of Pays De Faverges

“Pays de Faverges is situated in a mountain valley upstream of Lake Annecy.”

Pays de Faverges is situated in a mountain valley upstream of Lake Annecy. The communities that have settled in this valley have been developed in the alluvial plain that was formed during the glacial period. The average altitude in the Pays de Faverges region is 485 meters above sea level. Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, can be seen from this region during sunny days. Other great mountain ranges surround the Pays de Faverges region.

The hydrography of the region is represented by two streams, Saint Ruph and Eau morte, and by the Lake Annecy. The entire region is surrounded by several mountain summits; the highest peaks are the Summit Pointe de la Sambuy (2,198 meters), Mount Trélod (2,181 meters), Dent de Cons (2,062 meters), La Tournette (2,351 meters) and the Crêt des Mouches (2032 m).

The relief, the landscape and the natural environment are the most important elements of the tourism development in the region of Pays de Faverges.

The Great Communes That Are Part Of Pays De Faverges

“Almost all the communities that are part of the Pays de Faverges are located in the alluvial plain that is situated in the valley, the exception being the commune Montmin.”

Almost all the communities that are part of the Pays de Faverges are located in the alluvial plain that is situated in the valley, the exception being the commune Montmin. Communes that form the great Pays de Faverges, besides Montmin, are the administrative center Faverges-Seythenex, Doussard, Giez, Val de Chaise, Saint Ferrol, Lathuile and Chevaline.

All these communities are small communes or towns; the largest one, Faverges-Seythenex, has more than 7,500 inhabitants. The rest of these communities are inhabited by a smaller number of people. Despite the fact that the communities that are living in Pays de Faverges are small, you will find all the amenities that you would find in a big city. Besides, the small-town atmosphere is a really strong element of attractiveness for the communities that live here.

A Short History Of Pays De Faverges

“The history of the Pays de Faverges region can be discovered if you look towards its communes.”

The history of the Pays de Faverges region can be discovered if you look towards its communes. Nowadays, you may find out more about the past of this region if you choose to visit the Museum of Archeology of Viuz-Faverges. Roman artifacts were also found here. After the medieval period, Faverges was under the Geneva county administration.

The modern period is influenced by the industrial development in the exploitation of silk and cotton. The Swiss influence returned after 1900, when two Swiss companies began to do business here, namely S.T. Dupont and Staubli.

Attractive Events In Pays De Faverges

“Some of them are events that are regarded as strong traditions in the region.”

There are several events that take place in the region of Pays de Faverges each year. Some of them are events that are regarded as strong traditions in the region. We mention here the most important events and you can choose which of them appeals to your interests. All of these events are wonderful opportunities for the local communities to spend great weekends together and socialize.

Due to the mountainous relief, Pays de Faverges hosts the Running Trail de Faverges, which has been a tradition for more than 15 years. The Rally of the Country of Faverges is another great event that has taken place in the region for more than 30 years. Some cultural events are also hosted in the Pays de Faverges, such as the Biennale of the Savoyard book and the Postcard Show.

This is a brief presentation of some of the most interesting facts regarding the Pays de Faverges region. You can explore the area as a tourist and enjoy the charming environment and welcoming people, or you can decide to become part of one of the communes that are the heart and soul of Pays de Faverges. Either way, you’ll have no regrets.