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Our portal is ready to provide you with all the information that you need to know about one of the greatest regions in France, Pays de Faverges. This portal, promoting a wonderful small region in the eastern part of France is supported by a great team with expertise in fields like geography, tourism, economy and resources. The aim of our portal is to provide tourists and those who are planning to become residents in Pays de Faverges with all the information that they need.

Because we love Pays de Faverges, its breathtaking landscape, peaceful environment, welcoming residents and wonderful surroundings, we want to tell the world all about it. We are confident that after you read our articles, you will add Pays de Faverges to your list of holiday destinations, or even as your next destination to relocate your family.

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Interesting Places To Explore

Wonderful Landscapes

Pays de Faverges is situated in a mountain valley upstream of Lake Annecy. The communities that have settled in this valley have been developed in the alluvial plain that was formed during the glacial period.

Great Communes

Communes that form the great Pays de Faverges, besides Montmin, are the administrative center Faverges-Seythenex, Doussard, Giez, Val de Chaise, Saint Ferrol, Lathuile and Chevaline.

Attractive Events

There are several events that take place in the region of Pays de Faverges each year. Due to the mountainous relief, it hosts the Running Trail de Faverges, which has been a tradition for more than 15 years.

Cave And Waterfall Of Seythenex

Two of the greatest tourist attractions in Pays de Faverges are the Cave and Waterfall of Seythenex. These two wonders of nature are located in the Faverges-Seythenex commune and attract a large number of tourists. The Waterfall of Seythenex is 45 meters high and is formed on the waters of St. Ruph.

In order to facilitate tourists’ access to the waterfall, wooden staircases and footbridges have been constructed. The Cave of Seythenex is the only cave open to the public in Haute Savoie. The cave is about 1 km deeep, but only 250 meters are open to the public. If you want to discover the breathtaking underground landscape, a 40-minute guided tour is available.

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Holiday Guides

Saint Ferreol

Saint Ferrol is one of the several communities that make up the Pays de Faverges region. Saint Ferrol is located just 20 km away from Annecy, at the end of some large forested gorges.

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The Castle of Gye is one of the major attractions located in the area of Giez. If you are passionate about golfing, then you should definitely check out the Golf Course of Giez.

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Marlens is another commune located in Pays de Faverges valley. On 1st of January 2016 this commune merged with Cons-Sainte-Colombe, forming the town of Val de Chaise.

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Chevaline is another commune that is part of the Pays de Faverges region, in Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes. As with the other communes in this region, it has some great points of interest.

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